Godinton Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disability



Dear Parents,


I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Mrs Sarah Stein; I am a qualified teacher with nearly twenty years’ teaching experience and also one of the Assistant Headteachers in the school. I am responsible for the support, well-being and progress of all of our children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. I have a lot of experience in this role as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Leading on Inclusive Practise. I would like to invite you, as a current or prospective parent, to feel comfortable to contact me about any concerns or queries regarding the inclusion of your child or children within our school. We aim to foster a sense of school community and mutual respect where all children are made to feel valued and understood and hope to achieve this by building positive relationships with our parents. Please find my contact details at the end of this page.

At Godinton, we are committed to the inclusion of all pupils and always endeavour to ensure that we have put our best efforts into enabling all children to make the best progress that they can. We achieve this by recognising that all pupils progress at different rates and understand that any barriers to their learning can be as a result of a range of factors such as a physical or sensory impairment; learning, social or emotional difficulty as well as a possible communication and interaction need. There are times when some children require additional support in order to help them to progress in their learning as a result of these barriers. We aim to ensure that the good quality teaching that all children receive on a daily basis includes specific strategies, processes, methods or environmental adaptions which mean that your child can be included successfully within a mainstream classroom.

If the good quality teaching that we provide on a daily basis is not enough to ensure that your child makes good progress, we are able to provide specific intervention within the school environment as well as gathering outside agency advice to inform our support. I am proud of our staffs’ commitment to meeting the additional educational needs of our pupils and we strive to work with you to make your children’s time at school enjoyable, positive and successful.

For further details of our approach to supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities please see our SEN Policy and our SEN information report in the document list below. Here you will also find links to information leaflets outlining some of the interventions and support that we offer in school.



We comply with the Local Authority’s Mainstream Core Standards and access their local offer. Links to these two parent documents can be found below:

Kent's Local Offer for Special Educational Needs 

Local Authority's Mainstream Core Standards Guide for Parents



I can also be contacted to discuss any individual pupils needs via the school office on 01233 621616 or via email sarahstein@godinton.kent.sch.uk