Godinton Primary School

Godinton's Big Build

Over the next few months, we will be having the oldest part of our school roof replaced. Whilst the building work takes place, our Year R and 1 classrooms will move into modular classrooms which will be sited on the school field. Some of our office spaces will also be relocated too.

The arrival of diggers on to the school site has already created curiosity and a buzz of excitement.

We will regularly update this page with photos of the project so that the children can see what is happening.



Busy, Busy, Busy!

Over the past few weeks, the contractors have been busy installing the new roof.  Have a look at photos below to see the work that has taken place-  you can see all of the roof supports that have been installed.

 Can you work out where this part of the school is?

The frames ready for the roof windows to be reinstalled.

Is this the Year R or Year 1 area?

What do you think the steel beams do?

Which part of the school is this?

More frames ready for windows!




Building Update - September 2021

With a large amount of scaffolding inside and outside the building, it is hard to see the progress that is being made.   We need to await the grand reveal! The contractors have been extremely busy over the summer holidays and all the demolition work for the project is now complete. The old roof has been removed and preparations are underway to install the new roof.  

The two photos below look down on the building area which show the roof has been removed!

Looking down on to the building area

Looking down onto the building area


Saturday 26th June & Sunday 27th June - It's time to move in!




Miss Talbot confirms we are ready for the children!




This weekend, our Year R and 1 Classrooms were moved into the modular classrooms ready for the next phase of the Big Build!  It was a very busy weekend with lots of people on site to ensure that everything was moved across and ready for the children on Monday.  All the tables, chairs, pupil books, reading books and even the toys were moved!

We did it and are ready for the children!


A big 'THANK YOU' to all the staff and contractors who helped ensure that we had everything in place ready for Monday morning.


Have a look at the photos below and see where the Year R and 1 children will be for the next few months!




Inside the Moles & Badgers Classroom


Inside Rabbits & Hedgehogs Classroom


Outside the Year R Classrooms


Inside the Foxes Classroom


Inside the Otters Classroom


Outside the Year 1 Classrooms



Final Preparations are underway

It's certainly been a busy week at Godinton!


This week the contractors have been busy finishing the modular classrooms ready for the big move!  Our Reception and Year 1 children will move into the modular classrooms on Monday 28th June.


We have all been busy preparing for the move in school and the children are looking forward to seeing their new classrooms.  There are labels everywhere to ensure that all furniture and resources are placed in the correct classroom and that nothing gets lost - fingers crossed!


Have a look at the photos below to see what has been happening.  More photos will be added once the classrooms are finished.




Carpets have been fitted and awaiting their clean...

Sinks have been installed ...

Miss Talbot's office is ready for the furniture






Half-Term Week - Our modular classrooms have arrived!

There was another buzz of excitement this week as the children return to school after the half-term holidays as it was clear that our roof replacement building project had progressed further. The children can now see what the modular classrooms look like from the outside and the Yr R and 1 children have walked around to the field to find out which classroom they will be in.

Miss Talbot, Mrs Partridge and Mrs Williams are also moving out of their offices and into a temporary offices.  Can you work out where they will be?

The classrooms arrived in sections on many lorries and a crane lifted them into position on the school field.




Week beginning 24th May

The contractors have been busy this week preparing the site for the delivery of the modular classrooms in half term.  This week we have seen lots of lorries delivering materials for the road, lots of measuring and  digging of holes to prepare the base for our modular classrooms. We have also seen a huge lorry with a crane attached to deliver the site cabin. The site cabin is important so that the contractors can have a break after all their hard work.


Mr Lund has taken lots of photos so everyone can see what is happening. Have a look at the photos to see how our BIG BUILD is coming along!


After half-term, we hope to show you some photos of the modular classrooms.  Apparently they are delivered in sections and then joined together!




Week beginning 17th May

The children arrived in school to find that part of their field had been fenced off and that some diggers had arrived on site.  The photos below show the area where the modular classrooms will be.

We are lucky that we have such a large field as it means that we still have lots of space to play.

Soon there will be a temporary road laid here so the modular classrooms can be delivered.