Godinton Primary School

Swattenden 2019

Monday 8th July

Our 3 groups completed different activities this afternoon; developing their skills of teamwork, co-operation, communication and sportsmanship.

After dinner we all competed in a scavenger hunt (where some of us worked on our alphabet knowledge!) and we had to think outside the box.

Tuesday 9th July

Today we headed off to Bewl Water Outdoor Activity Centre, where we all completed two activities: Mountain Bike Riding and Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP boarding).

The teachers were all so impressed with how the children met the challenges of the day; all learnt to paddle on the boards kneeling down and all stood up too - with mixed success!  Amazingly too, 3 non-riders also learnt to cycle - SUPERSTARS!!

Wednesday 10th July

Busy, busy, busy...

... but still managing to fit in a little down time too!

... but still managing to fit in a little down time too!

Thursday 11th July

Our final full day already! Where has the time gone?

So by the end of today most of us have completed...

High Ropes Activities: High Zip Wire, Jacob's Ladder, Postman's Walk, Crate Stacking and Battering Ram.

PLUS:  Low Adventure, Nightline, Rafting, Archery, Scavenger Hunt, Flag Raiders and Log Planks & Swing Skis.

AND and epic water pistol fight!

Friday 12th July

Do we have to go home?

We have had an amazing week; with some of our children really pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones, and all of them developing skills that they will use for many years to come.

All of the teachers have been really proud of their resilience, perseverance and manners all week.