Godinton Primary School

Our Facilities


We love our school and are very proud of it, the pupils, staff and parents are all aware how incredibly lucky we are to have such beautiful and plentiful grounds.

We are keen to share our facilities with members of our local community and happily hire out our hall, meeting rooms and grounds to various organisations and clubs on a regular basis, who all really enjoy the environment we are able to offer here. We do also hire on occasions for one off events, such as a fundraising fete, tournament, competition or meeting.


Testimonials from some of our existing hirers:


"I love hiring Godinton Primary School hall. Great facilities, perfect for my theatre school’s weekly classes and workshops (LCA Stage Academy). There’s always lots of communication with the lettings department and they’re always very organised, which is perfect. They’re always willing to help in any way that they can."

"I started hiring the hall space at Godinton Primary School 2 years ago. The facilities are fantastic and always clean and ready to use. Being a fairly small business when I started, the rates were extremely reasonable, making it an attractive opportunity. Hiring the school hall has helped to grow my business and the school are extremely accommodating and helpful. Claire, the Finance Manager is extremely efficient, friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend hiring the facilities at Godinton to anybody."


For enquiries on hiring any of our facilities, please contact Claire Williams our Finance Manager, who will be very pleased to help you with any questions you may have: