Godinton Primary School

Staff List

School Management

Miss J Talbot

Assistant Headteachers
Miss H Collins
Mrs S Stein

Head of Lower School
Mrs J Christopher

Head of Middle School
Miss E Walker

Head of Upper School
Mrs L Crowfoot

HR and IT Manager
Mrs S Dinley

Finance Manager
Mrs C Williams


Lower School Classes


Hedgehogs and Rabbits
Mrs J Christopher-Head of Lower School

Moles and Badgers
Mrs L Day

Year 1

Miss B Johns

Miss J Causebrook


Middle School Classes

Year 2

Miss E Walker (Head of Middle School)

Miss N Moss


Year 3

Bumble Bees
Miss L Coveney

Miss L Jones (Maternity Cover)


Upper School Classes

Year 4

Mrs J Kelleher

Miss J Brooker

Year 5

Mr B Smith

Mrs K Clark (Mon-Tues)
& Mrs L Tinker (Wed-Fri)

Year 6

Mrs L Crowfoot 

Mrs S Pemberton (Mon-Wed)
& Mrs L Collins (Thurs-Fri)

PPA Cover
Mrs A McGoldrick
Miss L King

Teaching Assistants
Mrs A Ades
Mrs C Brooker
Mrs E Clark
Miss L Clark
Mrs P Coles
Mrs S Ellis
Mrs C McPhee
Mrs C Mechie
Miss C Moore
Mrs H Pullen
Mrs P Spriggs
Miss H Stanton
Mrs N Town
Mrs C Rigden (Speech & Language)
Mrs C Stanton (Sounds Write)

Supply Teachers
Mrs A Barrett
Mr M Daisey
Mrs G Norman
Mrs N Shawe
Mr R Wise


Family Liaison Officer
Mrs J McGibney


Office Staff

Senior Office Administrator/Educational Visits Coordinator
Mrs H Kelleher

Admissions and Attendance Administrator
Mrs G Smith

Administrative Assistant
Mrs J Atkins


Mr S Lund


School Kitchen Team

Mrs J Creed
Mrs K Smith
Mrs S Lund
Miss D Barnett


Mid Day Meal Supervisors
Mrs P Bailey
Ms B Heselden
Mrs L King
Mrs D Smith
Mrs K Humphrey
Miss K Cosier
Miss L Tunbridge


Cleaning Staff
Mrs P Bailey
Mrs L King
Mrs E Seamons


Road Crossing Patrol Staff/Gate Guardians
Mrs K Humphrey
Mrs J Williams
Mr S Lund
Miss K Mason