Godinton Primary School

Year 5 Remote Home Learning

Mr Smith and Miss Attenborough welcome you to the Year 5 Home Learning Page. In the event that a class, bubble or school is directed to close, we will provide home learning tasks for the children to complete that will continue their 'in class' curriculum work.

If there is anything that we can help you with, please email us using the year group email address:





 For each day of closure, teachers will set work for the children to complete. On the table below you will find the home learning tasks set and any relevant support materials including worksheets, helpful 'how to' guides or video support clips.

We would ask children to keep up to date with their remote learning tasks as each session will build on from the one before and relates closely to the work that would have been completed in class. Feedback will be provided by the class teachers to support the children’s learning. On the chart below you will find daily class feedback which is designed to provide further help and assistance about general learning points or misconceptions and to celebrate achievement. Please email your child’s teacher every other day with photos of your child’s completed work so that further personalised feedback can be returned.

In the event that your child completes their daily tasks, below you will find a series of base camp tasks that will be topped up every 6 weeks that your child can do in addition.





Please click on the links below to access your daily tasks.





Maths Tasks, Learning Adventure Trail

Tasks and Support Links


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 27th January 2021

Maths Teaching Slides / Equivalent Fractions (1) video /  Equivalent Fractions (1) PowerPoint / Independent tasks / Fraction Wall

English 14 - ShrimpsWatch Miss Attenborough explain your task here Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 12 - Shrimps here

Spelling - Homophones / Homophone PowerPoint / Independent Task 1

Creative Adventure 4 / Watch Miss Attenborough explain your first task here / Watch Miss Attenborough explain your second task here

Feedback for Tuesday 26th January 2021


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 26th January 2021

Watch Miss Attenborough explain your tasks for this unit here / Maths - What is a fraction? / Independent task / White Rose Video / What is a fraction PowerPoint 

English 13 - Rosie's diary entry / Emotion vocabulary grid / Watch Miss Attenborough explain your task here

History - What was life like in the workhouse? / History sources A-I / Independent task: Bronze, Silver and Gold tables / Watch Miss Attenborough explain your task here

Maths Too - Multiples Teaching Slides / What are multiples? PowerPoint / Independent tasks

Feedback for Monday 25th January 2021


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 25th January 2021

Maths R2P - this is just to see what you know already. Don't worry if there are things on this you haven't heard of yet.

GPS - Brackets for Parenthesis / GPS Task 2 / How to Use Brackets Poster / Brackets for Parenthesis PowerPoint Quiz

Miss Attenborough is holding a 'drop-in' GPS Zoom session from 10-10.30 am on brackets

Guided Reading - Cogheart Chapter 5 / Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 5 of Cogheart here

Spelling - Homophones

Feedback for Friday 22nd January 2021


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 22nd January 2021

Maths Session and End of Unit Check

English 12 - Rosie's Return / Questions for Rosie Bronze Activity / Watch Miss Attenborough explain your task here

Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 10 - Lame Betsy & Chapter 11 - The Spitting Crow

History - Children at Work / Paper doll template / In the Mines video / In the Mills video / In the Fields video

Science - Volts Watch Miss Attenborough explain your task here / Electric circuit simulator

Friday Fitness Challenge 3Watch Miss Attenborough's example below

Feedback for Thursday 21st January 2021


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 21st January 2021

Maths Session / Problem Solving Task / Watch Miss Attenborough explain your task here

English 11 - The Carpet Beaters / Watch Mr Smith explain your task here / Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 8 - The Carpet Beaters here / Diary help sheet and sentence starters

Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 9 - The Jaw of the Iron Dog here after you have finished your writing task

Cogheart Chapter 4 / Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 4 here / Copy of Chapter 4 / Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Maths Too Teaching Slides / Independent task

Feedback for Bar Model Division Questions in Maths

Feedback for Wednesday 20th January 2021


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 20th January 2021

Maths Session / Independent tasks / Deepen activities

English 10 - The Wild Thing / Watch Mr Smith explain your task hereWatch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 7 - The Wild Thing hereAdvice for Jim help sheet

Spelling - Homophones

Creative Adventure 3

Feedback for Tuesday 19th January


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 19th January 2021

Maths Session / Independent tasks / White Rose Videos

English 9 - Character Analysis of Tip / Watch Mr Smith talk through your task here / Bronze and Silver Tasks / Listen to Miss Attenborough read Chapter 6 - Tip here

Character Description Vocabulary / Character Trait Vocabulary

History - What was it like to be a child in Victorian Britain? / Child labour information cards / Jigsaw task exampleJigsaw template / BBC History: Day in the Life video / BBC Bitesize: Children in textile mills

Maths Too Teaching Slides and Independent task / Watch Miss Attenborough explain the reasoning and problem solving questions here / White Rose Video

Feedback for Monday 18th January 2021

Feedback on counter method for division


Unexpected Adventure Overview - 18th January 2021

Maths Session slides including independent tasksBBC Bitesize Remainders / BBC Bitesize Division with remainders

GPS - Colon or sem-colon? / Bronze Activity / How to use a colon / How to use a semi-colon / BBC Bitesize Videos: Semi-colon / Colon and semi-colon 1 & 2

Miss Attenborough is holding a Zoom GPS 'drop-in' session for colons and semi-colons from 10-10.30am 

Cogheart Chapter 3 slides / Watch Miss Attenborough read Chapter 3 here / Chapter 3 Vocabulary / Extract of Chapter 3

Spelling -ibly and -ably 2 / -ibly and -ably word endings support sheet




Fitness Challenge - Friday 8th January

Friday Fitness Challenge 3 - 22nd January

Friday Fitness Challenge 2 - 15th January



Below you will find tasks that you can complete if you should finish the daily tasks you have been set. Don’t forget you should also be practising your spellings, times tables and keeping up with daily reading. You have your homework trails tasks too.