Godinton Primary School

Year 3 Remote Home Learning


Mrs Walker and Miss Jones welcome you to the Year 3 Home Learning Page. In the event that a class, bubble or school is directed to close, we will provide home learning tasks for the children to complete that will continue with their 'in class' curriculum work.

If there is anything that we can help you with, please email us using the year group email address:





For each day of closure, teachers will set work for the children to complete. On the table below you will find the home learning tasks set and any relevant support materials including worksheets, helpful 'how to' guides or video support clips.

We would ask children to keep up to date with their remote learning tasks as each session will build on from the one before and relates closely to the work that would have been completed in class. Feedback will be provided by the class teachers to support the children’s learning. On the chart below you will find daily class feedback which is designed to provide further help and assistance about general learning points or misconceptions and to celebrate achievement. Please email your child’s teacher every other day with photos of your child’s completed work so that further personalised feedback can be returned.

In the event that your child completes their daily tasks, below you will find a series of base camp tasks that will be topped up every 6 weeks that your child can do in addition.

 Please click on the links below to access your daily learning.





Maths Tasks, Learning Adventure Trail

Tasks and Support Links









Below you will find tasks that you can complete if you should finish the daily tasks you have been set. Don’t forget you should also be practising your spellings, times tables and keeping up with daily reading. You have your homework trails tasks too. Please click here to access your trail.