Godinton Primary School

Absence and Attendance


The attendance of children at Godinton Primary School is very good. We believe that good attendance and punctuality will:

  • Help children to make the most of educational opportunities
  • Instil in children good time keeping habits
  • Prepare children for the world of work


Improving Your Child's Punctuality

Arriving at school on time is important. The register is taken electronically at 9:00 a.m.

In order to help your child arrive on time...

  • Make sure your child gets up in good time to have breakfast
  • Encourage your child to pack their bag the night before
  • Give yourself enough time to travel to school, ensuring that you make allowances for possible traffic delays. Remember that traffic is always heavier on wet days, so walking to school is far more reliable.
  • Encourage your child to lay out their school clothes the night before
  • Walking to school means you are better able to gauge how long your journey will take
  • Please remember that if you do drive to school, park at Chimney's car park.




A summary of our attendance policy can be found in our 'Attendance Matters' leaflet - to view, please visit the link below.