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Year R Home Learning


Miss Marsh, Mrs Christopher and Mrs Day welcome you to the Year R (Early Years Foundation Stage) Home Learning Page. Here you will find lots of things to help support home learning during the period of school closure. If there is anything that we can help you with, please email us using the year group email address.


On the table below you will find the home learning tasks set for each 2 week period during school closure. You will also find a link to the Year Group newsletters and where relevant, supporting materials to help your children with the tasks set. This might include worksheets or helpful 'how to' guides.


Date of  Tasks

Unexpected Adventure Trail

Year Group Newsletter

Supporting Documents  
 Weeks 1 and 2 (23.03.20 to 03.04.20)  Week 1 and 2 Year R Adventure Trail  



Weeks 3 and 4 (20.04.20 to 01.05.20)  Week 3 and 4 Adventure Trail  Week 3 and 4 Year 1 Newsletter

Year R Traditional Tales Information Sheet for Parents

Year R Phonics and Maths Information Sheet for Parents


Weeks 5 and 6 (04.05.20 to 15.05.20)

 Week 5 and 6 Adventure Trail

 Week 5 and 6, Year R Newsletter

Year R Jack and the Beanstalk

Year R Three Billy Goats Gruff

Year R Colour Mixing

Year R Floating and Sinking

Year R Writing Help Sheet

Year R Farm Challenges

Weeks 7 and 8 (18.05.20 to 05.06.20)

Weeks 7 and 8, Year R Adventure Trail

Weeks 7 and 8, Year R Newsletter

Year R Little Red Riding Hood Story Transcript

Year R Little Red Riding Hood Challenge

Year R Continue the Pattern

Year R Label the Basket

Year R Science Activities

Year R Maths Challenges

Year R Paper Basket Template

Year R Phase 2-4 Phonics Pack

Year R Speech Bubbles

Year R  Bird Spotter Sheet

Year R PE Challenges

Year R PSHE Challenge

Year R Goldilocks Challenge

Year R Goldilocks Story

Weeks 9 and 10

(08.06.20 - 19.06.20)

Weeks 9 and 10, Year R Adventure Trail

Weeks 9 and 10, Year R Newsletter

Year R Colour and write about the caterpillar

Year R Hungry Caterpillar list

Year R Hungry Caterpillar puppets

Year R maths challenge addition to 10

Year R maths challenge roll and colour

Year R missing numbers to 10

Year R missing number to 20

Year R Physical development butterfly folding

Year R Science lifecycle of butterfly

Year R Hungry Caterpillar transcript

Year R Hungry caterpillar resource pack

Year R Caterpillar cutting sheet

Year R PSHE well-being jar

Year R Butterfly lifecycle writing

Year R Balanced diet information

Year R Food sorting

Year R lunchbox template

Year R Where does our food come from? 

Weeks 11 and 12

(22.06.20 - 03.07.20)

Weeks 11 and 12, Year R Adventure Trail

Weeks 11 and 12, Year R Newsletter

Year R Writing - All about me

Year R Maths Rainbow Fish Counting

Year R Maths Rainbow Fish Addition

Year R Maths Sharing a Shell Addition

Year R Rainbow Fish Collage Template

Year R Science - Daily Food Diary

Year R Science - Design a Smoothie

Year R Sammy Seagull Beach Safety Story

Year R Sammy Seagull Beach Safety Activity.

Year R I Spy

Weeks 13 - 15

(03.07.20 - 24.07.20)

Weeks 13-15, Year R Adventure Trail


Year R Maths - Handa's Surprise Board Game

Year R Maths - Part/Whole Model

Year R Maths - Safari Block Graph

Year R Data Handling Game

Year R Writing - Animals to Label

Year R Writing - Animal Fact File

Year R Writing - Animal Riddles

Year R Writing - Handa's Hen Sequencing

Year R Writing - Chicken Fact File

Year R Phonics - Phase 3

Year R Art - African Pattern Designs

Year R Hen Life Cycle Cut and Stick

Year R Hen Life Cycle Sentence Challenge

Year R Reading - Jungle Puppets

Year R PSHE - We are all different

Year R PSHE - Ideas for acrostic poems

Year R The World - Houses around the World

Year R The World - Maasai Home Ideas


Parents may also find the document below useful to support their child's learning.

Support your Child with Maths and Phonics (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Don't forget that there are a wealth of phonics resources on our website which can be accessed by clicking here.