Godinton Primary School

Covid-19 Information for Parents

As we return to school in September we find ourselves facing an easing of the Covid-19 restrictions that we have been working with for the past 18 months and are all looking forward to a return to greater normality.

This page will remain live and will continue to act as a source of information regarding the school's response to Covid-19. We understand how difficult the pandemic has proved for many of our families. The school is here to offer support at this time so please get in touch if there is anything that we can help with. We are immensely grateful for the amazing support that parents have provided to the school over this challenging time and by continuing to work together, will tackle whatever further challenges may come our way


Please find below, documents relating to Covid-19 and how we are addressing the pandemic at Godinton Primary School.

For information on remote learning, please visit the remote learning pages of the website. There is a page for each year group which can be accessed from the main menu or by clicking here

This is where you will also find the school's Remote Learning Action Plan.



Risk Assessment and other key documents

Our Covid-19 risk assessment is a live document which responds to the changing national picture and any revised guidance for schools. We have also produced Operational Guidance, which outlines measures taken by the school to address Covid-19 and an Outbreak Management Plan which explains how the school will respond to cases within the school. These documents can be accessed by clicking on the links below.





Catch Up Premium

Please find below, the school's action plan for the use of Catch Up Premium 2020-21.





Key Information for Parents

Please find below, key information relating to the pandemic and the procedures relating to this which the school has in place. Information provided by the Government is also listed below.




Supporting your Child's Return to School

We hope that we won't be facing further periods of school closure this academic year but in order to be prepared for all eventualities, the information sheet below, provides some useful pointers on how to talk to your child about coming back to school. This may be useful to use with any children who have tested positive for Covid and are self isolating at home.





Start of Term Social Stories

School will once again be different in September with the removal of bubbles and year groups once again being able to mix with each other. It's hard to remember how things used to operate before Covid!

Although the easing of Covid-19 restrictions means that we no longer have a need for the operation of one way systems, the significant building work taking place at the school, means that we will still have to put some strategies in place to manage the flow of people coming onto site at drop off and pick up times.

Information regarding drop off and pick up has been put into a series of ‘social stories’, pictures which show the children the arrangements that we have in place to help put their minds at rest ahead of the start of the new term. These can be found below:






Resources to help support Wellbeing during the pandemic


Please find below a directory of websites and resources, produced by KCC to support wellbeing during the pandemic.