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Hardelot, France Residential 2018 - Blog

In July 2018, 4 adults and 25 children from across Years 4, 5 & 6 went to stay at the KCC run centre in Hardelot, France.



We sailed from Dover to Calais on the Pride Of Britain ferry, and received some lovely compliments from the P&O staff about how well behaved and polite our children were.


Having departed Calais at 12:45 local time, we headed to Boulogne and our first stop of the day – Napoleon’s monument at ‘Colonne de la Grande Armee’.  We had a brief stop here to enjoy our picnic lunches facing the monument, before heading into Boulogne to the Becasuc sweet factory.


Then we headed on to the Hardelot centre, we settled into our rooms and then explored the site.

After a delicious dinner we split between the games room and watching the Belgium v France match.




We started the day with a traditional breakfast of croissant, stick bread and le chocolat chaud, before heading off on our 4 mile walk into Hardelot.


In Hardelot we spent time visiting the local shops – using our basic French language skills to help us purchase souvenirs – before heading down to La Plage to enjoy our picnic on the beach. Sadly Mrs Crowfoot had forgotten to book the sunshine, it was a little on the breezy side (to say the least) and we had a few showers too. Of course, being British, this didn’t stop us from enjoying the beach.


We then treated ourselves to an ice-cream or slush drink, and most had a ride on a ferris-wheel too. Re-energised we then ‘happily’ tackled the 4 miles back to the centre.



For dinner this evening we sampled some traditional French dishes: snails, frogs legs and cheese tart. Most of the children tried these and liked at least one of the three – frogs legs were surprisingly popular!


Finally 8pm local time – and what we’ve all been waiting for; England v Croatia – Sadly not our night, but we had great fun watching it together.



Another delicious breakfast lifted our moods this morning, some of us had letters from home but luckily we didn’t have time to start to feel homesick – leaving the centre at 9:30am and not retuning until 6:30pm for dinner! Busy, busy day!

We began the day with a visit to the Snail Farm.

Here we learnt about the snails, the stages of their lives on the farm, and some of their favourite foods.

We got a chance to hold the snails, and then were able to taste some of the products made by the farmer.



Having shocked our taste buds awake, we drove to Bessant and stopped for our picnic lunch next to a river and an old flour mill.

We then hopped back on the coach to the Chocolate Factory – now that was something that we could all sink our teeth into!







Then on to our final stop of the day – The Goat Farm.

Here we enjoyed meeting the goats, learning how the cheese is made and trying some (of course). We even got a chance to milk the goats!

Finally back to Hardelot … Hang on – are we really going home tomorrow?



Soon we would be saying goodbye to France but first a visit to the market at Etaples – where the children seem determined to spend every last Euro! Exhausted from this, we wandered past the fish stalls and the fisherman’s memorial, ending up at the Maurelis Fishing Museum.

Here we learnt about some of the methods that they use for catching different types of fish and sea creatures, how to tie a fishing knot, and what life is like as part of the crew of an Etaples fishing boat. We even had the opportunity to stroke some of the fish in a touch pool.

Our final stop in France was the beach at Wissant where we stopped to eat our packed lunches and buy one final ice-cream.

Then to Calais to catch the ferry to Dover, where our families were waiting.

Au revoir Hardelot!


We all had a wonderful time.