How can I help my child?

Reading at home

Frequent reading allows children to regularly apply their phonic knowledge to decode words.  It is important to look for familiar GPCs when approaching an unknown word.

  e.g. tea – if child sounds out t-e-a, ask them what sound ea together makes?

  (Tell them if they don’t know)

Look through the website pages which refer to the different phases of the letters and sounds programme for more information about phonics and to view video clips showing the articulation of different sounds.

Useful websites – search for phonics

Internet games
Games involving pseudo words.  These are 'made-up words' which the children have to read using their phonics skills.  It is important for the children to have experience of working out pseudo words in the same way that they work out real words in order to help develop their phonic knowlede.  The children should look for familiar groups of letters that make a single sound.
Oxford Reading Tree website for parents containing information, phonetic e-books and ‘kids barn’ which also has lots of games.