Welcome to this section of the website. It will provide you with all of the information you require on a day to day basis as a parent, from the latest newsletters and documents, to forms and other information about the regular life of the school.

School Meals

Our lunches are now provided by Independent Catering, a Kent based company passionate (as we are) about fresh, local produce. School lunches offer a balanced, nutritional and healthy meal for the children and take into account any specific dietary or allergen requirements that are notified to the School.

Hazel Forrester aka ‘Captain Hazel’ is the cook in our pirate themed kitchen. Hazel won the coveted Primary School Cook of the Year in 2013 an achievement of which we are incredibly proud.

To find out about our menus please click the link below.


The children must wear school uniform at all times. A list of school uniform is provided separately and can be obtained from the school office.  Alternatively see the link below.

The children may not wear coloured trainers in school. They are allowed black training type shoes, provided they are not covered in coloured stripes/markings of any description.

Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled.

Children may wear stud earrings, but if you are having your child’s ears pierced, please do it during the Summer break, as children are not permitted to participate in PE activities whilst wearing earrings. In addition, we are not allowed to remove earrings for children, so please don’t have their ears pierced until they are of an age when they can remove and replace the jewellery independently.

Children should wear no other jewellery.

Children are not allowed to bring toys to school, apart from when joining the Reception year.

Please do not send your child to school with expensive or sentimental items.

Children may not bring mobile phones to school.

Sweatshirts, P.E. t-shirts, jogging bottoms for children in Year R, caps, fleeces, book bags and P.E. bags can be obtained from our school office.
Uniform can be purchased from the school office on:

Lost Property

Please ensure that any items of clothing or equipment brought to school are permanently named. With over 420 children in school there will be times when property goes astray, although measures are taken to avoid these. Lost property boxes are located in the front entrance.


The children must wear school P.E. kits for all activities. Earrings must be removed, by the children, before any activities begin. If the children are not able to remove earrings please do it for them on the days that they have P.E., before they come to school.  

Those items of school uniform which have our logo on, such as the sweatshirts, fleeces, cardigans, coats, polo shirts and PE shirts, are all available for purchase from the school office.

Uniform Requirements
School Sweatshirt or Fleece
Royal/Grey/ Jumper/Cardigan
Navy or black jogging bottoms (reception classes only)
Grey skirt or pinafore dress

Plain grey or black trousers
White/blue blouse, shirt or polo shirt

In summer the children are welcome to wear blue gingham or striped dresses, or grey school shorts.

The children are asked to wear plain black shoes to school. The may wear soft soled trainer type shoes if you prefer, but they are not allowed actual training shoes with logos, nor are the girls allowed to wear high heels. The children are welcome to wear wellies or warm boots to school on cold, wet days, but we would like them to bring their normal school shoes with them to change into once they are inside.


All children in the Reception classes are asked to have a pair of named wellies which can be left in school


PE Kit
House t-shirt
Black/navy shorts
Plimsolls (“slip-ons” for infants)

Optional T-shirts in house colours are available to purchase from the school office





Prices (subject to change depending on suppliers costs)
Sweatshirts £10.00, Fleeces £12.00, Waterproof Reversible Fleece £17.00, Polo Shirt with school logo £6.50, Jogging Bottoms £6.50, P.E. t-shirts £4.00, Book Bags £4.00, P.E. Bags £3.50, Sun Hats £2.50, Winter Hats £3.50

Swimming trunks/costume (no bikinis)
Swimming hat for long hair
Swimming kit should be named and kept in a named, waterproof bag.
Any child with a verucca should not swim unless the verucca is covered with a proper verucca waterproof plaster or sock.

Parents are asked not to send children to school wearing jewellery for reasons of safety. Those children who have pierced ears are allowed to wear small ear studs only. Those children who do wear studs must remove them before participating in P.E. lessons.
Junior age children are permitted to wear a cheap watch to school.The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to these articles.