Godinton Primary School Annual Parents' Questionnaire


We very much welcome the views of parents about all aspects of school life. A member of the Senior Management Team is always on the playground in the morning if you want to discuss a minor matter or make a suggestion.  For those more serious issues, please pop into the office to make an appointment with the relevant member of staff.


Each year we send out our Parental Questionnaire which asks for feedback on a wide variety of school issues.  The 2012-2013 questionnaire was sent out in Term 6 2013. 35% of questionnaires were returned, allowing us to gain feedback from a fair cross section of parents with children in different year groups.  It has also enabled us to make comparisons with results from the previous year.

We are extremely pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response to so many areas of school life.  We are always striving to make improvements to the school with our main priorities firmly focused on developing happy, enthusiastic and well rounded children.  We want our children to thrive academically and socially and to enjoy all that Godinton has to offer. 

The information gained from the questionnaire helps us with our school improvement planning; identifying areas which are felt to be strengths of the school by parents and areas for development.  The comments which parents provided were also extremely useful.  In terms of areas for development, some parents suggested that they would like to have more information on how they can help their child with their learning at home, and would like greater guidance on topics covered.  This is an area which we have already started to address.  Our phonics workshop for parents back in November was very well attended and parents have already said that they have found the phonics support pages on the website very useful.  We plan to offer a similar meeting in term 3 on how parents can support their children’s reading at home.  Please also have a look at the new curriculum pages on the school website.  They provide lots of guidance on the topics and objectives covered across the curriculum in each year group.

The staff at Godinton are very proud of our school.  We know that we are fortunate to have keen, hardworking and enthusiastic children, as well as supportive parents with which to work.  It is therefore extremely pleasing to know that so many of you share our pride in our school.

Please click on the link below to view the latest questionnaire results.


2013  Annual Parents' Questionnaire Results