Our Visit is Getting Closer

It’s not long now until our 8 pupils will be flying out to Tychy.   Click on the links below to find out more about their timetable of events and some of the things they need to get ready before they travel.


The map below shows you where Poland and Belgium are located in Europe.  Do you know how far away they are from the UK?


This is a map of Poland.  Can you find the town of Tychy?


Do you know what currency is used in Poland?  Have a look at the picture below to find out more.


The children are staying at a hotel in the town of Tychy.  It is called the hotel Tychy.  Click on the hotel picture to visit the website.



The children will be flying on a British Airways flight.  They are flying to the city of Krakow which is about one hour’s drive from Tychy.  Can you find Krakow on the map above?

The time in Poland is one hour ahead of UK time.  So when you start school at 9.00 in the morning it will be 10.00 in Poland.

Have a look at the website for the town of Tychy by clicking on the picture below.  Do you think it is similar to Ashford in anyway?