Swattenden Centre – Year 6 Residential Trip

Tuesday 6thFriday 9th June 2017


Tuesday 6th June 2017

Despite the torrential rain 28 very excited children (and 4 even more excited adults) boarded the coach and headed to The Swattenden Centre, Cranbrook!

Fortunately the weather didn’t follow us, although we had a couple of brief showers, and we enjoyed an afternoon of fun activities and great food.  Low Adventure, Problem solving & Archery.

Our day ended with “Flag Raiders” – Mrs Ellis and Mrs Crowfoot got a “tad” competitive and the children learnt the valuable lesson “Cheats never prosper!” 

Quote of the day “They’re so naughty!” (KC talking about Mrs Ellis & Mrs Crowfoot!)

Wednesday 7th June

An early start but a hearty breakfast prepared us for the day ahead.

Two activities before lunch and then two after.  Archery, Low Adventure & Problem solving for some.  Bridge & Swing, Battering Ram, Nightline, Rafting – so much to do! 

All 28 children completed the Battering Ram activity – an amazing achievement!  They all feel so proud of themselves – and rightly so.

Finished the day with a leisurely walk to Cranbrook and back, cries of “Mind the poo!” echoing through the woods.

Unsurprisingly (but thankfully) the sun and fresh air meant there was no complaining when bedtime was announced at 9:30!

Looking forward to High Zip Wire, Wall climbing, Entrapment and Triangle tomorrow!

Some of the children may be a little taller when we get back!

Thursday 8th June

Another early start with lots more to do today – Rafting, Bridge & Swing and Nightline for some.  High Zip-wire, Wall Climbing, Entanglement & The Swattenden Triangle for all!

We’re starting to get more tired as the week goes on – some of us are going a little strange!

We finished the day with a massive water fight!  Unfortunately some children had been too sneaky with the hiding places of their water pistols, so had to share.

The teachers then had a lovely, quiet evening – can’t think why?