Kingswood Residential Trip 2017

Wednesday 29th – Friday 31st March

Wednesday 29th March

55 very excited children arrived at Grosvenor Hall this afternoon!

We had a tour of the site then up to our rooms – some of us struggling to carry our cases – then onto our first activity.  Our challenge: putting a duvet cover onto a duvet!

Exhausted from that we headed over to dinner.

Following on from dinner we split into our groups for fencing or problem solving.

Finally a great fun session in the pool before hot chocolate and bed (well back to our rooms – sleep took a little longer!)

Thursday 30th March

Rise and shine – Breakfast at 7am! Really? Yep!

Croissants, pain au chocolate, toast, cereal, yoghurt, fruit – that should keep us going.

Showers, teeth & ready to go.

Busy day ahead – Fencing and Problem Solving for those groups that didn’t do it yesterday, then….

3G swing, Outdoor Laser Tag, Outdoor Climbing, Nightline, Team Tech and Scrapheap Challenge – 12 hours of activities!

(With plenty of toilet, water and food breaks)

Strangely the children were all asleep by 10pm tonight – unlike last night!


Friday 31st March

Another early start for breakfast – sausages, beans and scrambled eggs (plus toast, cereal, yoghurt & fruit) – Yum!

Then back to our rooms to shower, pack and strip our beds – much easier than making them!

Finally two more activities: Aerial Runway & Team Challenge.

Now home for a well earned rest, but what did the children think of their stay?

“The 3G swing was EPIC!” – Liam B, James, Rhys & Harvey E

“All of it was amazing.” – Charlotte

“The breakfast was yummy.” – Troy

“The 3G swing was the best.” – Ruby

“The problem solving was so fun.” – Dylan

“Problem solving was so, so good.” – Amy B

“The laser tag was so cool.” – Taylor

“It was epic and I loved it so much!” – Maddie

“I would definitely encourage your kids to go to Kingswood because it’s so fun.” – Samuel, Jenson & Liam W

“Outdoor laser tag was great.” – April

“I liked doing fencing and rock climbing.” – Max & Oscar G

“I loved the 3G swing.” – Madison, Lexie, Amelia, Charlize, Aimee, Amy V, Rhiannon, Verity, Katie, Daisy & Elizabeth

“I liked doing wall climb.” – Edward

“Kingswood is awesome!” – Josh O’B

“Aerial Runway was the best.” – Narin

“The nightline is hysterical.”

“I want to live at Kingswood.” – Tom & Harry

“I loved all the activities but my favourite was 3G swing!” – Josh L

“Nightline was epic!” – Oscar F

“I really enjoyed Kingswood.”