Quality support and
Understanding of
Additional needs and diversity
Identified needs regardless of

Talents, disabilities, intellect

Years, skin, faith or gender

Godinton Primary School is committed to promoting equality and diversity among its children, parents and staff. 

At Godinton Primary School:

  • We welcome children, parents and staff with disabilities.
  • Endeavour to work with families in order to promote access to the school site and all school based and extra-curricular enrichment activities.
  • Include all children in educational visits and adapt the provision available for pupils in our classrooms by keeping in good contact with our parents, carers and outside agencies.
  • Produce a single equality scheme which has a three year action plan for continuing improvement.
  • Produce a three year accessibility plan.

These plans are devised and reviewed through a working party which is attended by Mr Steve King (Chair of governors), Mrs Sarah Stein (Assistant Head – Inclusion/class teacher), Mrs Charlotte Wright (Parent), Mrs Katrina Virgo (Parent).

If you would like to join the working party please contact Mrs Stein via the school office or email sarahstein@godinton.kent.sch.uk


Parent Support Group

We would like to set up a parent support group for parents of children with disabilities and diverse needs. We hope that we can bring parents of children with similar needs together and enable parents to begin to share experiences and support each other over a cup of tea and a biscuit.  If you would like to get involved please contact Alison Elbourne on the.perfecttouch@hotmail.co.uk  and Katrina Virgo via email on katrinavirgo@aol.com

Useful Information

Please click on the image below for useful information regarding local support groups and charities for families of children with disabilities and diverse needs.



What can the school do to support my child?

  • We work closely with outside agencies such as the occupational therapy service, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, child and adolescent mental health teams and the specialist nurse advisors in order to provide the most suitable provision for your children.
  • We have a family liaison officer, Tracey Jones, who is able to support families and carers.
  • Emotional Literacy support is also available for pupils who may require support with peer interaction or managing self – esteem.
  • Educational intervention is also available for those pupils who require additional support and guidance.

If you have any questions or require any further information on the above please contact
Mrs Stein via the school office or email sarahstein@godinton.kent.sch.uk

Please find below links to a copy of the accessibility plan, the single equality scheme and action plan
and the minutes of the equality scheme working party meetings:

Accessibility Plan 2017-2020

Accessibility Plan 2014 – 2017 July Review

March 2017- EWG Minutes

December 2017 – EWG Minutes

January 2018 – EWG Minutes