Arts Award

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that support anyone up to 25 grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form – from fashion to film making, pottery to poetry.

Through Arts Award young people gain a nationally recognised qualification. Arts Award has five levels, four of which (Explore, Bronze, Silver, Gold) are accredited qualifications from Trinity College, London and are on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). Arts Award Discover is an introductory level. As they work towards Arts Award, children and young people collect evidence of what they have done and reflect on their experiences.  

At Godinton we are pleased to be able to offer some of our pupils the opportunity to work on Arts Award Discover.  This might be achieved through their participation in a particular project or through their involvement in a school club.

At all levels, children and young people work with an Arts Award adviser. This is a trained adult who supports young people in gaining arts experiences, provides guidance and assesses their achievements.  We have 4 trained Arts Award Advisers at Godinton:  Miss Talbot, Mrs McGoldrick, Mrs Fagg and Mrs Fisher.

Next year we will be giving some children the opportunity to work on Arts Award Explore as well as increasing the number of children who have achieved Arts Award Discover.

Coming Soon:  List of children who have achieved Arts Award Discover this year.


Arts Leadership at Godinton


The children at Godinton have opportunities to take on leadership skills within the arts.  Our children are extremely good at supporting each other and coming up with original and innovative ideas.

Inspire Arts leaders 2014-2015

11 children were selected from Year 5 and 6 to lead our involvment in the Kent Inspire Project.  Inspire is a county wide programme which aims to maintain the momentum of the London 2012 Games, helping to sustain a strong partnership legacy between schools and provide excellent opportunities for young people in a range of sporting, cultural, learning and development activities.  The Culture strand involves pupils from schools working with arts organisations to explore the working practices of artists, by responding to a range of challenges.  They take what they have earnt back into school as well as working with children from other local primary schools.

Our children have been working with the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate and used what they have found out and learnt to put together a video which explores the concept of ‘self’.  They led children in the school in considering how they viewed themselves and what was important to them. They have completed several gallery visits, one in partnership with children from Bethersden Primary School and led workshops with poets and artists in school.

Over the Summer term, they will be leading workshops with some of our reception children in activities such as drame, dance and drawing.

Click here to view the assembly powerpoint which the children presented to the school.

Congratulations to Annabelle, Eve, Emily, Tabitha, Rachel, Niranj, Tom, Cameron, Daniel and Toby for all their hard work.  They have represented the school very well.


Leaders at the Turner Contemporary 2013-2014


In the autumn some of our Year 3 and 4 children were invited to be arts leaders at a special event for artists and arts providers at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate.  The purpose of the day was to highlight to arts organisation the capacity which children have to lead in the arts.  The children took part in a series of different workshops at the Gallery and then had the responsibility of leading groups of adults in the same activities; a very daunting task for anyone!  The children were outstanding.

The event was organised by Michele Gregson who is coordinating the County’s Inspire Culture Project as part of the Olympic Legacy Programme.  Feedback from the adults participating in the day was very positive.  Here are just a few of the lovely comments that artists from the different organisations which took part had to make about our children:

‘The way the children responded was so positive, it taught me a lot.’

‘The children were fantastic – an inspiration to us all.’

Congratulations to all the children who took part: Victoria, Sienna, Ella, Chloe, Thomas, Kyle, Luke, Millie, Dominic, Jasmine, Archie and Clayton.


Dance Leaders 2013 – 2014

This year our school has had many opportunities to develop dance leadership skills in our children.

Year 3 and 4 have taken part in the Kent Inspire Project and have worked with dancers from the Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company.  The project started with selected children working alongside some of the company’s dancers at a workshop held at school.  From this we selected children who had shown great leadership skills as well as creativity to be our dance leaders.

These children were then invited to a workshop at the dance studio where they learnt some creative dance moves and watched a performance by some of the studio’s dancers.  This gave the children lots of great ideas to bring back to school.  The dance leaders worked with school staff to come up with ideas which they could teach to their own classes.  This resulted in a dance and music workshop in which the children put together dance moves with body percussion.  The dance leaders provided great support to their classmates.

Congratulations to our Inspire Dance Leaders from Year 3 and 4: Madeline, Alesha, Hayley, Ella-Louise, Kitty, Samuel, Amy, Lily, Oliver and Jake.



Following on from their success in the Inspire Project our dance leaders also took part in leading their classes in the ‘Dance in the Park’ event held in Victoria Park in June.  They were joined by our school’s ‘Big Dance’ leaders.  The event was a huge success.



Each year our school takes part in the National event, ‘Big Dance’.  We select dance leaders who will help support the school in learning the dance routines for the Big Dance.  This year’s ‘Big Dance’ took place in July and was a huge success.

Congratulations to our ‘Dance in the Park’ / ‘Big Dance’ Leaders 2014: Bradley A, Bradley T, Courtney, Amy, Olivia, Kyle and Toby.




Our dance leaders were asked to do a presentation to teachers at County Hall in Maidstone to launch phase two of the Inspire project.  What a great honour!

Here is their presentation!

Godinton Inspire Project Presentation