The fundamental ethos of Godinton Primary School is a belief that our children should receive a fully rounded education, which provides them with the opportunity to succeed wherever their strengths and skills may lie, and which ultimately develops happy and confident children, who possess the attributes they will require to succeed in adult life. We strive for all children to excel academically and achieve their true potential in the core subjects of mathematics and literacy but we know that our children have other talents and interests which also need to be nurtured.  We want to discover whether we have a budding Margot Fonteyn, Jimi Hendrix, Robert de Niro or Pablo Picasso walking amongst us.

Music, dance, drama, art, poetry and creative writing all form an integral part of our school curriculum across both key stages.  Sometimes these are taught as discrete subjects where children may learn to play the guitar or to mix colours.  However at Godinton we have developed a creative curriculum in which we try to make links across subjects.  This may mean that a history lesson about World War Two is brought to life by a sequence of drama lessons in which children act out how it felt to sit in an Anderson shelter or an RE topic on Hindu festivals is enhanced by the children composing their own Indian dance routines.  Medium term plans map out where each of the Arts subjects will best fit into the curriculum overview for the year, ensuring that the children have a broad entitlement of provision.

In addition to curriculum allocation, the Arts are celebrated at Godinton through a wide variety of enrichment opportunities; these both extend the children’s curriculum knowledge and also give them additional experiences which fire their imaginations. We know that our children may become better painters if they have had the opportunity to observe first-hand the works of world famous artists displayed at the National Gallery or the Turner Contemporary, that they may discover an interest in dance through watching a west end musical or may develop their own self confidence by singing or performing in front of an audience on our school stage.  We seek opportunities to open our children’s minds to the world around them and to give them the inspiration to unlock the talents that lie within them.

‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’ Maya Angelou




Fantastic News….Godinton Primary School has been awarded Artsmark Gold.


Artsmark is a national award scheme managed by Arts Council England. The scheme, that is open to all schools in England, recognises settings with a high level of provision in the arts. There are two levels of award: Artsmark and Artsmark Gold. Click on the link below to view our Arts Blog – a diary of some of the creative activities taking place in school. 


Arts’ Curriculum at Godinton


Approximately 17% of our school curriculum is devoted to the arts.  This is delivered both as discrete lessons in which key skills are taught and in exciting cross curricular ways.  Music, Dance, Drama and Art form the core of the arts provision, however we also teach other creative skills such as poetry and creative writing, computer animation and digital media skills.

Click on the links below to explore the arts curriculum at Godinton.

Overview of art, craft and design curriculum

Overview of music curriculum

Overview of dance curriculum

Overview of drama curriculum

Link to curriculum home page.


Creative Homework

Creative Homework is an open ended task set across the whole school three times a year.  It encourages children to use their creative talents in response to different topics.  Each time Creative Homework is set we are amazed by the vast range of ways in which the topic has been interpreted. Over the years we have seen dance routines being choreographed, animations screened and models presented.  The scope is as vast as the children’s imaginations allow it to be!

Creative Homework is something which the whole family can get involved with.  Often parents ask if they can help their children with their task – that’s fine as long as the children have overall input.  Creative Homework provides a great opportunity to work together, perhaps to try something new or learn a new skill. In each round of Creative Homework one child from each class is chosen to show their work in assembly. We always enjoy listening to the children tell us all about their work or watching them perform.  So that we can enjoy all the pieces of work produced, a Creative Homework gallery is set up in the hall.  Often looking at the work of others provides inspiration for future pieces of Creative Homework.  Have a look at the Creative Homework board outside Mrs Crowfoot’s room for even more ideas!

Every time the children join in with Creative Homework they gain a stamp in their Creative Homework passports.  For every three stamps the children get, they are able to join in with a special free film screening. 

What will you do for the next Creative Homework?