P.E. and Sports Premium

In 2013, the government introduced additional funding for primary schools for the provision of PE and sport activities.
Each academic year we receive this funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and
sport that we offer to pupils – to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. 

We must use the premium to:

  • Develop or add to the PE and Sport activities that we already offer
  • Make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

So far, we have benefited from the following funding:

  • 2016/17 – £9785.00
  • 2015/16 – £9795.00
  • 2014/15 – £9795.00
  • 2013/14 – £9810.00


The amount of premium received:

The allocation of PE and sports premium for this year 2017/18 is £19, 580.


How we plan to spend it:

Our sports fund premium has been distributed to meet 5 core aims:

  1. Increasing the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles
  2. Raising the profile of PE and sport being across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  3. Increasing confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  4. Broadening the experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.
  5. Increasing participation in competitive sport.


Aim 1 (allocation – £6,064)

£2,500 will be spent on providing specialist sports coaches to run lunchtime activities on the playground for the children twice a week, commencing in Term 2. The activities will have the specific aim of encouraging participation in physical activity from a wide range of pupils, not just those who regularly engage in sport. Activities will develop confidence as well as core skills such as throwing, catching and passing. In the summer terms we will be offering after school activities which will be focused on engaging more reluctant participants in physical activity. We are delighted to be working with Sam Miller from Premier Sports to achieve this aim.

£3,564 will be spent on broadening after school physical activity opportunities for the children. This will include the inclusion of a multi-skills club for younger children in the school and a dance club for Year 5 and 6.


Aim 2 (allocation – £4, 578)

Funds have been primarily allocated to the purchase of new gymnastic equipment; this includes the purchase of benches, a-frames, and modular units which will enhance PE provision for all year groups.

Additionally funds will be used to train Year 6 pupils as sports leaders and to implement systems in which they can help develop the profile of sport across the school. This includes maintaining the sports information board in the school hall and running after school clubs for younger children in the school. The sports leaders have the opportunity to attend formal training sessions at the Julie Rose Stadium.

We are also pleased to be introducing ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ on the playground, starting with Wednesday mornings at 8.35 a.m. This provides the children with the opportunity to start the day with a burst of physical activity.

Non-contact time will also be provided for the PE Co-ordinator to monitor the action plan and to support staff with its implementation.


Aim 3 (allocation – £5, 710)

This funding is being used to support staff CPD in the teaching of PE and games activities which form part of our curriculum. Staff will work alongside professional sports coaches from Premier Sports to develop their own skills and techniques for delivering high quality lessons to our children. This will be based around the requirements of our own curriculum. Not only will our children benefit from the quality of the support provided but staffs own confidence and skill set will also develop.

Staff will also receive training in the use of gymnastics equipment and how new pieces of equipment can be incorporated into their lessons. Access to online modular CPD units which staff can work through is also being purchased with funds under this allocation.


Aim 4 (allocation – £600)

Our PE co-ordinator, Miss Lizzie Mills will also receive some non-contact time in order to develop schemes of work for our PE curriculum. This will build on the curriculum review completed last year.


Aim 5 (allocation – £2,628)

Funds have been allocated to support the inclusion of groups of children to complete in competitive sports competitions as run by the North School. This includes a range of sporting competitions such as cross country and handball.

Funds have also been allocated to support participation in local leagues (e.g. High Five) and matches and in the summer athletics tournament as well as for the purchase of resources and training to support participation.


Full PE and Sports Premium Action Plan

For a full copy of our PE and Sports action plan which includes a greater financial breakdown, please click here.


Impact on children’s participation

  • Our children will participate in a curriculum which is broad and which provides for maximum skill development over the course of their primary school life.
  • The use of specialist coaches will provide our children with high quality teaching whilst the school’s own teachers become even more adept at delivering a range of PE activities.
  • An increasing number of the children will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitive sports activities.
  • Children are encouraged to join in with physical activities at lunchtime and after school and as a result their engagement, motivation and enjoyment of physical activity will increase. Reluctant participants are supported in developing an interest and engagement with physical activity.


How improvements are sustainable:

  • Teachers will improve their skills in teaching PE and games.
  • Children will be motivated by competition to want to take part in more sports.
  • Improved resources will ensure that high quality PE lessons are delivered and in turn will ensure that the school provides children with a good PE curriculum which develops progressive skills over KS1 and KS2.
  • Lunchtime activities are clearly modelled with a view that in time this would be delivered by our own staff.


2016 / 2017

Funding was allocated to provide specialist sports coaches to support staff with the delivery of their PE lessons and to deliver staff training. This helped to increase staff confidence in teaching PE.

The PE coordinator reviewed the curriculum and implemented a system of assessment. Training was received in order to support with this action point.

Funding was also allocated to enable children to attend sports competitions.

Resources were purchased to improve the quality of PE and extra-curricular activity provision; this included mini soccer goals.



The continuation of the local sport network and netball league membership has been purchased.   We bought new hockey equipment. The continued training of our staff, to improve their knowledge of how to deliver PE and sport activities to enable our pupils to  develop their skills and knowledge.

This money has also allowed us to regularly release staff in order to accompany children to a wider variety of competitive events, allowing greater links to be developed between the curriculum and after school clubs/events.


We continued to buy into the local sport network.  We purchased more resources to aid both the teaching and encourage greater uptake of sport amongst our pupils.  Our membership with the Ashford Netball Youth League was renewed.  We took part in an Athletics tournament and contributed towards a tennis coach.  Further training and coaching sessions were provided to our staff.


We bought into a local sport network, ‘The School Games Support Package’, which enabled us entry into different sport competitions.

We purchased 2 pairs of netball posts and joined the Ashford Netball Youth League.  We replaced our agility gym mats along with a new trolley to store them appropriately.  A number of our staff received training on how to teach sport more effectively; this practice was then shared with other members of the team.  Tim Pendergast spent the day with us; he gave an inspiring talk to our pupils and worked with our teachers.